Privacy policy and terms of use

In accordance with its mission, 57-house strives to offer our customers the best of IT SERVICES possible. Our desire to protect personal information that are entrusted to us by our CUSTOMERS is part of this mission. This policy has been prepared for the purpose of informing you of our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information provided to 57-house. For the purposes of this policy, the term " CUSTOMER โ€is defined as a person who has subscribed to the SERVICES of 57-house or any person in the process of subscribing to these SERVICES. Our obligations apply to all officers, directors, employees, employees, consultants and agents who provide services to or on behalf of 57-house in connection with the provision of SERVICES to our CUSTOMERS. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about accessing your personal information or access of your customers to their personal data hosted in the space of the 57-house; how we collect, use, manage or disclose personal information; or this policy; please contact our Departments, at support@57-house.org, tel. : +237 691 33 34 14.

What is the personal information collected by 57-house?

Personal information is information that relates to an identifiable individual or that can be identified with the exception of business data. 57-house collects the following information from its CLIENTS: Contact details (names, addresses, emails, phone number); Technical data (information about your computer, including your IP address, type operating system and browser you are using and the location of the computer, type of domain, your internet service provider, the pages viewed on our site and the links you click on, as well as other sites you have visited recently); Information on purchases made; Information on CUSTOMER satisfaction and their opinion on the SERVICES; Data from social network profiles such as Facebook and Twitter if you follow 57-house by the through these social networks. 57-house also collects the personal information of the clients of its CLIENTS who host this data at 57-house.

When does 57-house collect personal information from its CLIENTS?

57-house collects your personal information when you complete the electronic form ordering SERVICES through its website 57-house or when you or your customers use the SERVICES. 57-house also collects personal information when you contact him or through the forum available on his website. 57-house also collects certain information when you visit its website 57-house. By browsing the Internet, you you will find a technology called "cookies", in French: "electronic cookies", which can provide you with specific information from a website while providing the operator of a website with information about you. Spies electronic sessions are "bits" of information that are erased as soon as you exit the Internet browser or turn off your computer. Electronic session cookies are used to improve navigation on websites and to collect information aggregate statistics. This site uses session cookies, but only in the purpose of recording the information disseminated during the session. We install a persistent electronic cookie in order to track and target the interests of our users in order to improve their experience of using our site and our SERVICES. Most Internet browsers were originally designed to accept cookies electronic. If you don't want to accept cookies, you can schedule your browser so as to refuse them or to notify you as soon as electronic cookies Are sent. You can also choose the "public computer" option on our website, continued whereupon all cookie tracking systems will be disabled.

For what purposes does 57-house collect personal information about its CLIENTS?

57-house collects information provided in writing (including via electronic media) or verbally about its CUSTOMERS to provide and improve the SERVICES, which includes:
Contact details
Use : For billing and delivery purposes and to allow us to communicate with the CUSTOMER at about the steps to take to process the order. To manage its relations with CUSTOMERS; Enable affiliated organizations and preferred suppliers to offer CUSTOMERS products, services and information; For prospecting and marketing purposes.
Technical data
Use : This information is for internal use only and in aggregate form, in order to better serve customers. visitors to the 57-house website by helping us: Administer our sites Diagnose any technical problem Improve site content For statistical purposes
Information on purchases made
Use : For the purposes of marketing other services to CUSTOMERS, including through discount to CLIENTS in proportion to the fees paid for SERVICES at 57-house;
Information on CUSTOMER satisfaction and opinion on SERVICES
Use : To provide customer service
Social media profile data
Use : For the purposes of marketing other services to CUSTOMERS, to communicate with CUSTOMERS and offer different discounts to customers.

When can 57-house disclose your personal information?

57-house does not disclose any personal information without the consent of the individual concerned unless to be required to do so by law. 57-house entrusts the following information to its business partners enabling it to provide SERVICES to its CUSTOMERS: the name, address, telephone number and email address of his clients. When 57-house entrusts personal information to its business partners, it ensures, by contractual means, to provide a comparable degree of protection to personal information that is being processed by these partners. 57-house maintains a relationship with an ad server company, but does not allow no ad server company to collect information about users and users of its website such as the type of domain, the Internet protocol address and information provided by clicking. Please note that there are circumstances justifying or permitting the disclosure of personal information or requiring 57-house to disclose such information without consent of the person concerned. It can be:
When the law or an order of a court, administrative body or other government court demands it;
Where 57-house has reasonable grounds to believe that it is necessary to protect rights, the the privacy, safety or property of a significant person or group;
When 57-house needs this information to bring remedies to it or to limit any damages claimed to 57-house; Where
When this information is public.
In cases where 57-house is obligated or authorized to disclose information without the consent of the person concerned, they will not disclose any additional information to this as the circumstances require.

The accuracy and retention of personal information

57-house ensures that any personal information provided by its CLIENTS and in its possession is accurate, current, and as complete as necessary for the purposes for which 57-house uses this intelligence. If 57-house finds that the information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, it review personal information and, if necessary, ensure that third parties to whom such information is incorrect information was provided may also correct their records. Information about an ex-CLIENT are not corrected and as long as 57-house holds them, it cannot guarantee accuracy. 57-house keeps your personal information only for as long as necessary for the reasons of their collection. This period may be extended after the end of the relationship between the CLIENT and 57-house, but will only last as long as is necessary for 57-house to communicate with you or to collect enough information to resolve any issues that may arise on a date later. When 57-house no longer needs your personal information, it applies methods of destroying, deleting, erasing or converting this information into a form anonymous. Currently, France is the main location where 57-house stores this personal information.

Protection of personal information

57-house is committed to maintaining an adequate level of physical, procedural and technical security in its offices and premises reserved for the storage of information in order to prevent any unauthorized authorized access, disclosure, reproduction, use or modification of information personal CUSTOMERS. This principle also applies to how 57-house disposes of or destroys this personal information. 57-house further protects this personal information by restricting its access to only those who its employees who, according to 57-house management, need to know this information in order to provide 57-house products, services and information. If an employee of 57-house misuses this personal information, this act will qualify as serious breach and may be subject to a disciplinary sanction up to and including dismissal of the employee. If an individual or organization misuses these personal information - provided for the purpose of providing services to or on behalf of 57-house - this act will be qualified as a serious offense and may be the subject of a measure likely to go as far as the termination of any agreement between 57-house and the offending person or organization. We regularly check our procedures and security measures to ensure that they remain effective and adequate.

Access to your personal information

57-house authorizes access to the personal information it holds about a CUSTOMER and strives to provide the information in question within a reasonable time, more specifically within 30 days following the request. Access costs cannot be prohibitive, and access cannot lead to the disclosure of personal information of other parties, or information otherwise protected by law. Where 57-house determines that such information will or cannot be disclosed, it will give the person making the request the reasons justifying the refusal. From personal information and access procedures for 57-house can be obtained by communicating with the Designated Person. 57-house will not charge a CUSTOMER for verifying or correcting their personal information. Users of 57-house websites can access information held by 57-house about them and which she gathered during her visits to the 57-house site as well as information about her account. Users can request corrections in case of inaccuracy in their contact details. The users can request this access as well as the corrections, if necessary, by sending an email to the Designated person.

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